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Health Safety Board

Health Safety Board Specializes in designing and printing safety signs and stickers of all sizes. We do Covid-19 Posters, signs, floor stickers, safety banners, warning signs and a lot more...

Custom Health and Safety Board

Covid-19 Hand Washing Guide Board

Are you looking for Health and Safety Posters or Signs? We are able to print any signs like the one we did for this condo board at Islington 2000 and 2010. We are also able to print leaflets and notices to hand out to your employees, customers or tenants. Our in-house design team can customize government notices to meet your needs.  

A health and safety board is really important as it informs the worker about the precautions to take in order to warn and prevent them from getting any kind of injury. They should be aware of what equipment to wear and where to wear them in order to keep themselves safe. 

Covid-19 Safety Signs & Stickers